Freebie VS Low Ticket Offers Lessons from 3144 sales

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I rather spend money to promote the right freebie than make money on the wrong product ????

In this video, I’ll explain why that is.

Recently, everyone tells you that you NEED to build a list of BUYERS ????


Because everyone else is just a “Freebie Seeker” that won’t buy your digital products, courses, and coaching services, right?

My experience is a different one.

Let me explain.

Currently, there are 9117 coaches and course creators (mainly from the US and CA) on my email list.

3144 of them are buyers.

So here is the thing.

When I started my coaching journey a bit more than a year ago, I did it with a strategic freebie.

I used it to kickstart my audience and grow my email list and Facebook group to 1k in under a month.

At the end of this first month I did a soft-launch of my beta coaching program and had 10 “Freebie Seekers” saying yes to a $997 offer ????

But it wasn’t only the people that bought my beta. I sold other offers and got more requests for 1:1 coaching and my DFY Facebook ads services than I could handle.

They also gave me a lot of ideas on small digital products that I could offer and so I launched my first SLO…. I sold over 1400 copies of a $7 product while making around 2k extra a month and getting paid to grow my audience.

I was maxed out with 1:1 so I thought: AWESOME ????

I’m just gonna launch product after product, get paid to grow my audience, and make some money on the side ????

The selling part worked

But…. My offers attracted the WRONG type of customers ????????????

Nothing was wrong with them actually, they just weren’t a good fit for my backend offers.

So I messed up my pixel data and blew up my email list with a couple thousand people that weren’t a good fit for my business at all ????

After that, I went back to the drawing board and created the ultimate strategic freebie for my business. I paid 3 times as much per email address as I used to do, but it was totally worth it.

Finally, I was connecting with the right type of people again.

I was able to grow my membership on autopilot using “just a freebie” and offering my membership on the thank you page.

Based on what helped my members I was able to create and sell products that actually attract the right type of people.

So here are the key takeaways:

✨ Building a list of “Freebie Seekers” got me the highest ROAs so far in my business

✨ Making some money on the side from selling the wrong type of offer was just a distraction and didn’t result in a high customer-life-time value and thus had a lower ROAs over time

✨ It doesn’t matter if you use a freebie or a low-ticket front-end product: There is no difference in quality between low-ticket and freebie buyers.

✨ What actually matters is that your message is on point and you have a clear vision for your offer suite so that you can attract the right type of people

✨ Don’t think there is a certain way you have to do things. Find out what works for you. Do more of that

Hope this helps you


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