From the Depths Steam Engines make my ships move

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Using steam engines to move your ship using propellers
How to use shafts and gearbox to link pistons to propellers
Efficency of the engines.
Game version

00:00 Helooo
01:07 Parts for creating steam propulsion
03:27 Building the propeller shaft
07:10 The Basic Engine parts
08:40 Axis Shifting gears
11:25 Basic Pipework to pistons
12:05 Boiler for the Engine
12:48 Measuring the efficency Thrust per Material
15:00 Burnrate Efficency for 1 Pitson
21:10 Adding a Transimission
24:34 Chart for Thrust per Material efficency with and without transmission
26:25 Chart for Meters/sec per Material with and without gearbox
28:45 Testing the 3m Propeller
30:16 Chart Thrust per Material for 3m Propeller
30:57 Chart Meters/sec per Material for 3m Propeller
32:38 My example compact efficent engine for this hull.
37:39 Different way to express the fuel/material usage of a ship
44:10 Thoughts on Steam ship propulsion

From The Depths is a building/strategy game where players can build their ships, submarines, aircraft and even spaceship to fight in a campaign or other players.
All vehicles are built using a simple block-based system similar to Minecraft but with a full physics model applied to all objects.

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