Government resolved to implement media bargaining code amid digital ‘revolution’

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Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says there is a “revolution” taking place in the digital economy and Facebook’s ban on Australian news has only strengthened the government’s resolve to implement its media bargaining code.

“There is a revolution occurring when it comes to the digital economy,” Mr Frydenberg said.

“It is changing the way we work, it is changing the way we shop and it's changing the way we communicate.

Mr Frydenberg said Facebook’s news ban was a “provocative” overreach which will damage the company’s reputation in Australia.

“There was no reason to block access to government sites, sites providing credible information about the pandemic, about emergency services, about mental health,” he said.

“We say to Facebook that we will continue to work with them, hopefully to find a pathway forward but what their actions today have done is remind Australians about the importance of this code and it's reaffirmed and strengthened the government's resolve to implement it”.
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