GPCS4 Is a Very Important PS4 Emulator

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GPCS4 is an up and coming PS4 emulator, and the first that can get into an actual game on Windows. It made some buzz awhile back because of this, and GPCS4 has been in the spotlight, which is a good thing in my opiniopn. Today, I discuss why GPCS4 is so important to PS4 emulation and how I think PS4 emulators will make progress in the coming years. It's gonna be a long time before PS4 emulators will run games like God of War 2018 or Spiderman, but this recent progress gives me hope that, after years of scams like PCSX4 which were fake emulators, we might finally be getting somewhere. In this video I also talk a little bit about Spine, another PS4 emulator that is also able to get in game, the only thing is that Spine is only on Linux, and a closed source project run by (I think) one person. I spend some time explaining why Spine is also important, but that my focus is on GPCS4 because of it's platform, community and team of developers.

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