Great Innovators: "Gutenberg and the Printing Press," by StoryBots | Netflix Jr

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In the old days, only the richest people had books. But Johannes Gutenberg's printing press changed all that!

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NARRATOR: In the days of castles, kings and knights, a book was something rare.
It was made by hand for wealthy folk with lots of gold to spare.
Till a clever man named Gutenberg said: "That's a shame, indeed!"
If making books was quick and cheap, then everyone could read!

NARRATOR: So he launched a secret project in his workshop where he'd hide.
And townsfolk often stopped to ask: "What's going on inside"?

NARRATOR: Well, Gutenberg was hard at work with all his expertise!
He invented little molds to make his metal ABC's!
He'd arrange them in a block of type and smear it all with ink, then press it down on paper.

GUTENBERG: Not as easy as you'd think!

NARRATOR: For years he toiled and at last he found success! He unveiled his great invention.

GUTENBERG: Look! I've made the printing press!

NARRATOR: He printed up some schoolbooks,
Which were nice, but just a start.
But then he made his famous Bibles,
Which were splendid works of art!


NARRATOR: The printing press soon changed the world!
Now everyone had books!
Not only kings and noblemen,
But farmers, maids and cooks!
So today, whenever you enjoy a book or
Just remember that it started out with Gutenberg's machine
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