Great Innovators: "The Wright Brothers and the Airplane," by StoryBots | Netflix Jr

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From the dawn of time, people dreamed of being able to fly. Until the Wright brothers came along and made it happen!

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NARRATOR: Orville and Wilbur, two brothers named Wright,
Once dreamed of machines with the power of flight!

In a little back room in their bicycle shop,
Their designing and tinkering just wouldn't stop!

They'd study the wings and the motions of birds,
While the neighbors would laugh, "What a couple of nerds!"

They tested one and then built another.
"We're learning!" said Wilbur. "And how!" said his brother.

They both got a bump or a bruise now and then,
But they never gave up, they'd just try it again!

Till at last they built something that no one had seen.
They were ready to test out their flying machine!

So, on a day in December of 1903,
Near the city of Kitty Hawk, down by the sea,

They cranked up the engine, and what did it do?
It sputtered, it rumbled, then ZOOM off it flew!

And that's why today we can hop on a plane
To Chicago or Phoenix, Australia or Spain!

So whenever you look at an airplane in flight,
Just remember the tale of two brothers named Wright!
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