'How I stole great customer service - with pride!' | Lisa Ekström | TEDxLundUniversity

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Imagine that your company's life indicator is running low. You need extra life. What if you could steal life, or rather, steal – or borrow – someone else's life hack to increase productivity and efficiency. Lisa Ekström, the founder of the Swedish company Kamoja knows how to steal. “Kamoj” means to borrow, or snitch, in Thai. By putting an “a” at the end, Lisa turned it into a Swedish verb as in borrowing an idea or a good story to take someone else’s success story – or life hack – to make yourself succeed. And that's what she did when she stole her way to excellent Customer Service at Scandinavian Airlines.

Lisa Ekström has over 20 years of experience in sales management and customer relations. She also has documented experience from highly successful change management projects. In 2007 she won “Framgångsstipendiet” – a price awarded to someone that has shown documented and extraordinary leadership results in Sweden. Lisa did so when turning SAS Customer Relations into a core asset for improving the way the company went about its business. Lisa was selected Speaker of the year 2014 by P&P, and she is a very charismatic individual with vast experience that she shares in a very inspirational way. Facts are combined with anecdotes and laughter leaving no one untouched.

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