How To Edit 360 Video With Insta 360 Studio 2020!

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The Insta 360 One R is the most versatile camera in the world! But, many people don't know how to edit 360 footage. In today's video, I show you how to do just that, using Insta 360 Studio!

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CHEAP Camera Gear You NEED!:

► Ball Head:
► Camera Monitor:
► Sony NPF-Style Battery (USED A LOT!):
► Dual Ballhead:
► RGB On-Camera Light:
► LUT Pack:
► High-Power LED Light:
► Motorized Slider:
► Gimbal:
► Headphones:
► Backpack:
► Action Camera:
► Carbon Fiber Tripod:
► Cheap 50mm Lens (MUST-HAVE!):

Gear I Use to Make Videos:

1. Sony A9-
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Intro 00:00
Loading Footage 1:07
Keyframing 2:36
FOV Options 3:18
Exporting 4:46
Aspect Ratios 6:18
Object Tracking 7:07
Quick Buttons 7:35
Stabilization 8:00
Stitching 8:38
Special Trick 10:35
Quick Note 11:17

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