How to fix Valorant Error Code 6 | VAN 6 Error (Working Solution)

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In this video, I'll be showing you how to fix Valorant Error Code 6 or VAN 6 error on Valorant which is related with network/server connectivity issue.

To fix the Valorant Error Code 6 I'll be demonstrating in this video a possible fix which is to add Valorant properly on Windows Firewall which could possibly be the cause of this particular issue. Firewall could be blocking the essential in-game ports which in turn results to disconnection with this kind of error. If the firewall doesn't fix your issue, it could be an issue with your ISP to Valorant game servers. One way to test if your ISP is the culprit is to use a VPN to play the game.

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If using the VPN fixes this issue, then it really means that it's a network issue with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to Valorant's game servers. The only permanent fix for this one is to change your ISP or use VPN temporarily / permanently as a workaround to fix this Valorant Error Code 6 | VAN 6 error.

Let me know your feedback by leaving a comment down below whether or not this fixed VAN 6 error on your Valorant! Share if this worked for you.

Happy Gaming!

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0:18 Solution #1: Add Valorant Properly on Firewall
3:05 Solution #2: Use VPN Temporarily/Permanently

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