How to install DBD Mobile on PC (Emulator Bluestack 4)

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EN: I did it! ???? Day By Daylight Mobile available to install on emulator (windows).
RU: Устанавливаем дбд на эмулятор (см. полное описание).

Hello, sry for my eng)) I rec this video special for my eng bros.
If i help, you may like this video and leave a comment

???? Gameplay process

Download links:
1. (bs4)
2. (root)
3. (apk+obb)
4. (fake opengl)

6:50 Bluestack engine setting

Okay, why many users can't install Dead By Daylight Mobile on PC emulator? Because DBD Mobile need 64bit android system and OpenGl min Aaand only latest version Bluestack 4 has this params.

On the internet i cant find guides how to install dbd mobile on pc and i decided to try it myself install this fun game to PC with Windows 10.

It took about 6 hours to find a I read a lot of forums and trying all emulators: Nox, Memu, Genymotion, Gameloop (non-app mode). And I did it! But fps in game near 10-20, sometimes 60 and there are a lot of bugs.

If you really crazy, you can try to install Dead By Daylight Mobile to your computer with my guide :))

PS. Do this if you really have nothing to do. Game is very lagging. But if you can minimize laggs pls tell about it on comment. Or you find best solution about install dbd on pc pls tell about it on comment!
PSPS. Sorry for my eng)))

Всех энтузиастов прошу делиться в комментариях успехами, если у кого-то получится с помощью каких-то костылей сделать игру более производительной - будет нереальный респект. Пишите, в общем) Также, сразу скажу, чтобы голову не ломали, игра запускается только на 64 битном андройде, при чём поддерживающем OpenGl выше 3 версии, видел у гугла в официальном эмуляторе есть такие возможности, но я не пробовал.
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