How to Install FREE TI-84 Emulator (WabbitEmu Graphing Calculator)

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Here's how to get a TI-84/TI-83 graphing calculator on your computer for free.

-Download the calculator operating system
**It appears now you have to fill out a form, but I've uploaded it here if you don't want to do that. I promise it's not a virus, it's literally the file I downloaded years ago but I guess I can't prove anything
-It's a good idea to save all theses files in a new folder
-Download the Wabbit Emulator

-Double-click the file to install
-Choose "Create a ROM image using open source software", then next
-Choose "TI-84 Plus SE", then next
-Browse for the first file you saved, then click finish
-Name and save the new ROM file
WabbitEmu will appear. Click "Enable skin" from the "View" menu to get all the buttons.
Optional: click "Keypress History" from the"View" menu to see a list of the buttons you have pressed.

You can pin it to taskbar, but don't delete the ROM file or the calculator won't work.
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