HOW TO SPEED UP DOLPHIN EMULATOR - Dolphin Emulator Best Settings

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HOW TO SPEED UP DOLPHIN EMULATOR - Dolphin Emulator Best Settings - Subscribe for More!

In this video, I share settings on how to speed up the Dolphin Emulator. The most important settings I go through are under Config, and Graphics. After this video, you should be best equipped to run the Dolphin emulator, any version, ex. Dolphin , Dolphin , etc. at the best performance possible. Just follow the settings carefully, and try to adjust as you play the first few times so you'll know what settings for Dolphin are right for you. Even if you have a slow PC, many games at the lowest settings should still be playable if you keep the settings low! Just follow this video carefully and you should be able to speed up Dolphin emulator no problem!

If you're having any trouble with the settings for Dolphin, let me know in the comments section and I'll try to help!

Here's a few tips for Dolphin I forgot to mention -
- You can quickly get to the wiki page for a game by right clicking on it in Dolphin
- The Direct3D backend may have different settings than OpenGL's
- Disable Fog may be an enhancement worth checking off

Dolphin Website -

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Check out my video on how to speed up this DS Emulator!

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