HW News - AMD CPU Surge in Steam Survey, "SAM" for ASRock Z490, Intel Rocket Lake

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In this week's hardware news, we talk about AMD's surge in CPU market share via the Steam Hardware Survey (but its poor GPU positioning), Intel and TSMC, Z490 SAM, and more.
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We'll be slowing down a little bit over the coming weeks, following relentless CPU and GPU reviews for months, but will still be working on the RX 6900 XT, Cyberpunk 2077, and a few other things. Either way, news for the week includes Steam's Hardware Survey update for November, highlighting a push in CPU market share for AMD, despite overall low utilization in the GPU market. We're also covering new research into graphene heatpipes, ASRock adding its own "Clever Access Memory" for AMD GPUs on Z490 motherboards, MSI doing a similar move to add a resizable PCIe BAR to Z490, Rocket Lake, ARM, and a few other things.

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00:00 - Recap for the Week
01:09 - GN End of Year Updates & Slow-Down
04:49 - Steam Hardware Survey: The Ryzen Effect
09:07 | Nvidia on GPU Supply Issues
10:30 - Certain Intel Xeon and Atom SKUs Will Be Built by TSMC
12:47 - New Research Into Graphene Heat Pipes
16:00 - ASRock Adds “AMD SAM” on Intel Z490, MSI Next
19:03 - MSI Leaks Intel Rocket Lake Specs
20:21 - Rumor: AMD Resurrecting Arm-based designs
22:28 - XMP Stability Notes on AMD B550 & X570 Motherboards

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Host, Additional Reporting: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman
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