HW News - DDR5 512GB Sticks, Secret NVIDIA "3080 Ti," RAM Pricing Rise, Intel Name Change

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DDR5 is fast arriving, and it's bringing 512GB RAM sticks. In other news, memory pricing are expected to rise in 2021, NVIDIA's secret "3080 Ti" was rebranded into a 3090, and more.
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00:00 - Recapping the Week
01:03 - Samsung & TeamGroup in DDR5 News
06:15 - Nvidia Changing Up Silicon Die Names
09:06 - Intel Considering Process Node Name Changes
11:56 - CDPR Ships Massive Cyberpunk 2077 Patch
14:17 - "Device Usage" Feature in Testing for Windows
16:06 - DRAM Prices Will Continue To Rise Through Q2
18:23 - TSMC Ahead of Schedule with N4 Process
20:44 - Intel Sued for Wiretapping in Florida
22:13 - Western Digital and Micron Eye Kioxia Acquisition
24:11 - Louis Rossmann’s Right to Repair Initiative

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Host, Additional Writing: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick
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