Hyundai Alcazar - More Than Just A Bigger Creta (हिंदी) | Camouflage Drive |

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People know the Alcazar as a 7-seater Creta, and the Creta needs no introduction. By virtue of this logic, the Alcazar is a pretty straight forward SUV with little curiosity. However, Hyundai has added more masal to this recipe to spice things up. Namely a much longer wheelbase, more features, new engine and distinctive looks. How different can these elements make the
Alcazar from the Creta. And more importantly, can these make the experience better than the Creta? It would have been fun answering these questions right now, but we were hit by an embargo from Hyundai which said we can’t show you and talk about the interiors in much detail. However, we have covered most aspects here that will help you decide whether the Alcazar is right for you.
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