Ice Prince - VIP (Official Video)

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Nigerian hip-hop rapper and artiste Ice Prince presents the official music video for the 2013 single, “VIP”.
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The prince of cool is back with another hit video, "VIP". He talks about his VIP status wherever he goes.

Appearances by: , Ill Bliss, Dr. Sid, Lynxxx, Iyanya, Emma Nyra, and the Grip Boiz.

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Ice Prince Bio:
Ice Prince Zamani (Panshak Zamani) is an award-winning rapper signed to the Chocolate City Music record label. Ice Prince has gained phenomenal success in entertainment, in Africa and beyond, through his unique brand of Hip Hop music. A frequent collaborator with international stars such as French Montana, Gyptian and Sarkodie, Ice Prince is also known for his mega hits Aboki, Oleku and Superstar.

I like (8x)
Everywhere that i go (am VIP)
In malaysia (am VIP)
In malawi (am VIP)
When i go to mali(am VIP)
Everywhere that i go (am VIP)
In to Kano(am VIP)
In Kimpana (am VIP)
With the sexy mama(am VIP)

Verse 1:
Dont pay BIS, am so VIP
DIS,me go BIG
Even in London, dem feeling the boy when i step into the club they dont see ID
Holdup, wait enough things i say
And some of dem want to know if i pray
Your girl dey check me up all the time and i plug the phone to my beat by Dre
You Telling me all of that bullshit nigga
And am allowed, i'm gon loose it nigga
When am around, you know i pull shit nigga
I dey carry the hits and i dey cook shit nigga
Huunn how many times i go preach
And how many times you go die if you F Wit the beast
How many times i go preach
Your chick wanna look like mine ,how many times she go bleach

Everywhere that i go
In America (am VIP)
In liberia (am VIP)
In Zimbabwe (am VIP)
Wen am in your area (am VIP)
Everywhere that i go (am VIP)
All the ladies call me dad(am VIP)
All the boys dem copy Cat(am VIP)
Got me feeling High_ray(am VIP)
No bad man go fall me back(am VIP)

I like the things that you do (3x)
Things that you do (2x)
I like things that you do (3x)

Verse 2:
Oh now so you know me yeah
You see how the fans dey adore me yeah
The swag that i wear, nigga no b here
And my chick look bad wiv her blonde hair
Pap pap pap, see paparazzi
Now dis niggas too scare to pop me
I walk in the club wit 12 half cast chics all set for the after party
Watch them boyz i bring along
Should i bad men, my finger raw
Shut down Dubai to singapore
And i will never be anoda rapstar singer poor
Cos i av seen the world and i like
And im balling around , am like mike
And i hardly send if you hate coz, av got girls to call on my side


Repeat (Hook):
Chopstix hold it
Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma(4xe)
Na we wey dey carry first
Na you no dey carry last
Na we wey dey carry first
Na you no dey carry last
Na we wey dey carry first
Iceprince zamani
You know what am saying
Chopstix hold it
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