Ingenuity Helicopter will get first ever software update on Mars before historic flight

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On April 12, 2021 NASA announced Ingenuity Mars Helicopter have not passed high-speed spin test so the first flight rescheduled for no earlier than April 19. NASA explained The Ingenuity team has identified a software solution for the command sequence issue identified on Sol 49 (April 9) during a planned high-speed spin-up test of the helicopter’s rotors. Over the weekend, the team considered and tested multiple potential solutions to this issue, concluding that minor modification and reinstallation of Ingenuity’s flight control software is the most robust path forward. This software update will modify the process by which the two flight controllers boot up, allowing the hardware and software to safely transition to the flight state. Modifications to the flight software are being independently reviewed and validated today and tomorrow in testbeds at JPL.

Ingenuity is completely safe on the surface of Mars. Critical functions such as power, communications, and thermal control are stable. It is not unexpected for a technology demonstration like this to encounter challenges that need to be worked in real time.

Credit: , NASA/JPL-Caltech, NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

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