InSANE! SHADOW Creature FOUND Inside Abandoned HOTEL "NOT CLICKBAIT" Haunted Adventures The FaM

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On today's Haunted Adventure, James The FaM and girlfriend Chelsea Luna travel to Palatka Florida to Visit the Abandoned and Historical HOTEL JAMES! This Abandoned Hotel has been left to Rot away for decades. Now owner Tate, who also owns the historic GRAND GABLES INN, has given us special permission to go inside and film a Haunted Explore. Many years ago a Fire destroyed part of the hotel along with other businesses nearby. Unfortunately several people fell to their demise, and ever since there has been reports of strange noises, things falling, items being moved, voices and screams coming from inside of the Haunted Hotel. Today The Fam and Chelsea Luna split up and both film their own separate Paranornal Investigations. What was not expect was the Insane amount of Paranornal occurrences happening within the walls of this Abandoned and Haunted Hotel, especially the Scary Shadow creature that was caught on Camera. Get ready to watch one of the SCARIEST Videos you might ever watch!

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The Hotel James, alternatively the James Hotel, is a historic hotel located in the city of Palatka currently undergoing restoration work. Ground was broken on May 5, 1916, on the site of the Arlington Hotel, with construction being completed in just six months. The rapid construction was possible due to the excellent river steam service between Jacksonville and Palatka. The three-story brick building was designed by famed architect Henry John Klutho for Dr. George E. Welch, President of the Putnam National Bank.
Henry Klutho’s design bore resemblance to Frank Lloyd Wright’s design of the City National Bank/Park View Inn Hotel in Mason City, Iowa. According to the Prarie School Traveler, “Klutho grouped the second- and third-story windows between brick pilasters with limestone sills and heads framing each opening, much as he had treated the south facade of the Florida Life tower in 1911. At each corner and at a secondary entrance, large brick pilasters rise above the roof parapets with fine abstract Prairie School terra cotta decoration. This decoration terminates delicate, projecting brick finials that run from the horizontal band at the second-story continuous sill. A projecting, shingled brow occurs over the third-floor windows above a perforated ventilation band serving the roof framing behind.” Klutho designed two other buildings in the city of Palatka which include the Larimer Arts Center, originally the Mellon Memorial Library, and the old City Hall which was demolished in the 1960s. The hotel featured storefronts on the ground floor and hotel rooms on the second and third floors.
The hotel remained in operation until 1984 and abandoned completely in 1992, it remained shuttered for decades. The neglect by the owner caused portions of the interior of the structure to completely collapse, although the exterior remained in great condition. In 2018, it was listed on Florida’s 11 to Save and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2019. It was recently purchased and is currently undergoing extensive restoration with plans to be reopened as a boutique hotel. Should we try the randomnautica app in palatka?
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