Insta Gamer ഞെട്ടി പോയി എന്റെ Collection കണ്ട് | Best and Richest Account in kerala Ever !

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????Hi friends,
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Instagram Link =

Uid = 18876562

InGameName - Goku X 100k
Guild - karimkotta
UID - 345278482

????Social Media

Discord link - currently no dc
Facebook Page - Temporay closed
PC Specs:-
Ryzen 5 3600
16GB Ram
Enno3D 1660 Super 6gb (Graphic Card)
DPI - 1200 (Mouse)
Edit Video: Kinemaster PRO
Edit Thumbnail: PixelLab, Photoshop(PS touch)
Record: Mi Screen Recorder
Phone: Mi Note 7 Pro (6GB+128GB)
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