Insta-Kill All Method in Persona 5 Royal [Skipping All Normal Battles in Palaces]

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Normal battles are defined as battles that aren't forced like bosses. If you are able to kill the Reaper/obtain a large amount of exp and have Ryuji's Rank 7 insta-kill passive, you can skip/insta-kill all normal enemies in palaces. This means you can speed run/fast forward your way completing palaces to get to the newer content ASAP.

If confused, tell me your concerns in the comments.

DLC Bundles:
Izanagi-No-Okami Persona Bundle
Battle Help Pack [Name Might Change for West] (This is not the Battle Pack included with Ultimate Digital version. This is/should be a free DLC pack like how we got the recovery pack in vanilla Persona 5.)

All gameplay is recorded by me.

Music is not owned by me.
Music credits:
Layer Cake - Persona 5 OST
Hunting -Surprise Raid- - Digital Devil Saga OST
Counter Strike - Persona 5 Scramble OST
All credits go to Shoji Meguro

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