Insta-Winch by Rough Country

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Get the look of a discreet, professional, recovery system in an instant with Rough Country’s Insta-Winch! This unique product gives you the look and feel of having a hidden winch solution on your vehicle without any of the added cost or capabilities of owning an actual winch.

Rough Country’s Insta-Winch features a real Hawse Fairlead with magnetic backing that attaches to any metal surface for an instant upgrade. You can attach it here, or here, even here! (but not here) for instant winch gratification! The partial line and Clevis hook look so realistic, you’ll even be tempted to use it! But make no mistake…... you can’t.

Let’s face it, real winch systems cost several hundred dollars and require you to get your vehicle dirty to use them. UNACCEPTABLE! Rough Country’s Insta-Winch gives you what you’re really looking for - the look - making it the perfect product for pavement princesses, grocery getters, and concrete cowboys.

Does it look like a real winch? Kinda! Does it work like a real winch? Absolutely not! It’s not a recovery solution, it’s a recovery illusion. Get the type of instant gratification that only you and your social media followers can truly appreciate and upgrade your rig with Rough Country’s Insta-Winch today!

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