Introducing Sidvisor, a Civ 3 Training App!

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iOS: #?platform=iphone

And here is an unrelated but pretty cool puzzle game that Towel also made for Android:

Tips for using each of the puzzles:

Worker moves: This assumes you're not doing any super cheesy build like chopping barracks to archer rush someone. I think there was one case as America where arguably you could open by chopping granary, but generally the examples here have clear cut best answers. Note that this section assumes that food is a bit more important than shields, unless you have 4 or more surplus food already.

City Placement: This is super subjective, I actually included some starts where there's multiple correct answers. I assumed that you're trying to have a strong mid game on a normal sized map, so no ICS, and no wasting tiles (which you can get away with on oversized maps).

Combat odds: Favorable trades are an important concept. Remember two things: first of all, it's ok to take unfavorable trades when you're fighting over an objective, like a city or radar tower tower or a stack of catapults or whatever. Second of all, know that the higher the difficulty level, the better trades you need to come out ahead, because the AI produces more shields than you do.
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