Is Doom (1993) Worth Playing Today? | The Ultimate Doom Review | MS-DOS | Doom Classic Complete

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This is a review of the original Doom from 1993, also known as Doom Classic or Doom 1. Doom revolutionized the FPS genre, but is it still worth the money to play today? Does it still have anything to offer in a genre filled with options after almost 3 decades?

In this "Is It Worth Playing?" series, I review and rate games in 5 categories, to help you decide if you should purchase and play these games.
1. History and Legacy
2. Story, Presentation, Graphics, and Sound
3. Gameplay
4. Worth Your Time?
5. Worth Your Money?

Any feedback at all is sincerely welcome!

Here's a comprehensive review that puts the original Doom up against all the other games games that you could play today, taking factors into account such as how "Player Friendly" it is and how much it costs to play in its best form.
Games Featured:
- Doom (1993) aka. Doom 1 aka. Doom Classic Complete (2007) aka. Doom 25th Anniversary Collection (2018) (MS-DOS)
- Crispy Doom source port (PC) (2014)
- GZDoom source port (PC) (2005)
- Freedoom (PC) (2019)
- Doom (32X) (1993)
- Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl (PC) (2008)
- Sonic Robo Blast 2 (PC) (2019)
- Wolfenstein 3-D / Wolfenstein 3D (1992)
- Super Mario Bros. 3 tech demo (PC) (unreleased, circa 1990)
- Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa (2019)

My review is based on the MS-DOS original, or rather the PC source ports of the original. Doom is available on the following consoles:
- The Ultimate Doom (GOG)
- Ultimate Doom (Steam)
- Doom 1993 (Switch)
- Doom Classic (PS4)
- Doom (360)
- Doom (iOS)
- Doom (32x)
- Doom (Jaguar) (Artwork featured)
- Doom (SNES)
- Doom (3DO)
- Doom (Saturn) (Artwork featured)
- Doom (GBA)

0:00 Introduction
1:03 History: id Software and the Apogee Model
3:12 History: Intro to DOOM & Controversies
4:48 History: Doom's lasting legacy (Can it run Doom?)
7:00 Presentation: Story & Doomguy
8:21 Presentation: Atmosphere
9:58 Presentation: Graphics
12:19 Presentation: Music
12:57 Presentation: MIDI soundfont comparisons
13:43 Presentation: MIDI music
14:52 Presentation: How to get the "true" music
15:14 Presentation: Sounds
16:04 Gameplay: Historical quirks
18:10 Gameplay: Base game
19:20 Gameplay: Difficulty and secrets
21:13 Gameplay: Enemies & Monster Infighting
23:00 Gameplay: Multiplayer
24:10 Gameplay: Source ports and Freedoom
25:45 Gameplay: Full conversions and source ports
27:28 Worth Your Time?
31:15 Worth Your Money?
33:57 Ratings!
35:15 Final thoughts
35:57 Thank YOU, viewers!
36:20 Safia tries playing
Channel and related artwork by Safia Tasnim.
Editing by Chris Klammer.

This video contains music that plays during Doom using the SC55 Roland Synthesizer mp4s downloaded from #doom. All music composed by Bobby Prince.

Two tracks used were composed by the Freedoom/Free Doom team, and unfortunately haven't published track-by-track credits.

Images and information have been gathered from gaming websites, Wikipedia, , , and other sources. All images' copyrights remain with their respective holders.

Gameplay footage was acquired from various sources: Unless otherwise specified, footage from Doom (and any mods) was recorded by Chris with the xbox game bar capture feature, or OBS. Other footage is from other Youtubers, and have been contacted and credited with watermarks intact/added:

That Trav Guy / TravGuyTV ON DEMAND: Doom multiplayer co-op/set-up

AXDOOMER: Doom deathmatch footage

Footage from Wolfenstein 3D and Doom (32X) is from the World of Longplays (), recorded by JagOfTroy & MadMatty respectively.

Agent_Ash: Beautiful Doom trailer footage

PQube: Kotodama 7 trailer footage

Film clips: Doom (2005), Bowling for Columbine (2002), Forrest Gump (1994). Rights belong to the respective rights holders, clips used for educational and illustrative purposes only.

Additional footage: Youtube uploads: Apogee / id Software TV Interview - 1992, A Visit to id Software (November 1993), HORRIBLE Windows 95 Commercial [Retro 90's Ad] and 1 vimeo video: (id Software SMB3 PC port)

Doom was created by John Carmack, John Romero, Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, and Tom Hall. The Doom franchise is owned by id Software.

To support id Software, consider buying The Ultimate Doom on GOG:

Alternatively, you can purchase Doom on Steam, the Nintendo Switch, the Sony PS4, or the Xbox One. You can also purchase their newer/upcoming games: Doom Eternal, Quake Champions, Rage 2, Doom VFR, or Doom (2016).
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