Judge blocks voter purge in 2 Georgia counties; Voter database reveals troubling anomalies | NTD

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00:00 NTD News Today—12/29/2020
01:22 House Agrees to Boost Relief Checks to $2K
02:52 House Votes to Override Trump’s NDAA Veto
03:53 Judge Blocks Voter Purge in 2 Georgia Counties
05:16 Nashville Gov .Says Federal Aid Is Coming
05:50 GOP Rep. Sues Pence to Overturn Election
07:34 Illegal Immigrants Excluded in Census
08:17 Biden on Foreign Policy and National Security
10:16 Repair Shop Owner Sues Twitter
10:55 NJ Voter Data Anomalies
12:55 Pennsylvania Lawmakers Call ‘ Troubling Discrepancy’
13:44 Officials say Schools Should Stay Open
15:16 March for Trump Bus Tour Kickoff
19:57 Court Blocks New York Restrictions on Worship
20:41 NY Executive Order on Vaccination Fraud
21:52 California Storm Leaves 100 Drivers Stranded
22:32 Overdose Deaths Surpass Virus in San Francisco
24:14 FAA Drops Key Drone Restrictions
25:03 Tesla Model 3 Turning Heads as NYC Taxi
28:17 Christmas Banned in China Without Approval
31:00 Afghanistan Seeks Apology From China
32:10 Chinese Citizen Journalist Jailed
33:44 Apple Accused of Bowing to China
37:58 Oldest British Mall Offers Online Luxury
40:04 Fish and Finances: EU-Britain Trade Deal
41:52 Vaccines Dumped After Temperature Issues
43:13 UK Tourists Flee Swiss Quarantine
43:58 New Hand Walking Record in Ukraine
45:05 Avalanche Survivor Tells His Story
46:36 Stockholm’s Nobel Prize Light Show
48:22 Europe Timbersports Championship
51:14 Times Square Ball Prepares for New Year
52:24 NYC Says Good Riddance to 2020

The House votes to increase direct stimulus checks to $2,000 and chooses to override President Donald Trump's veto of the NDAA spending bill, a judge blocks a voter purge in Georgia, and a Republican lawmaker from Texas is suing Vice President Mike Pence.

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Judge blocks voter purge in 2 Georgia counties; Voter database reveals troubling anomalies | NTD
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