Kidnap - Free Fire x UnGraduate Gamer

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FreeFire's First Real Life Short Film in Indian Community.

This time we have done a live-action FreeFire shoot with the help of @Havok Nation - The Gamers Destination .

VFX Artist -

Summary - The story of this video goes like
The Real Bounty Hunter Ayush was kidnapped by Super Villian and tried to erase his super skills and memory, Sanam somehow rescued Ayush but Supervillain tracked his location and tried to kill him again.

PC Mod and Shoot Exceccution by Havok Nation
Shoot by Abhijeet Kalamkar and Vishal Jadhav
VFX by Jai Gurjar (Shortpants)
Special Cast Kelly by Vijaya Singha

Team UG - Ayush and Sanam
Team Super Villain - Pramod and Sameer (Money Heist), Vijaya Singha (Kelly), Vishal Jadhav (Bot)

Written By: UG Sanam
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