Kira Is Unbreakable - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Made Opening Animation [Great Days Cover]

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You may get confused, cause this video has these watermarks saying it was made by BearChanFX, and it looks like I just stole this animation.
But the thing is that recently I changed the name of my channel because of my bad relationship with the FBI and several other reasons.
So don't worry, I'm the one who made this piece of media.
I also made a breakdown on this animation where I showcased the process of creating it,
so you can watch it to make sure that everything is legit.

Music Used In This Video:

▶ "Great Days" - Cover by Jonathan Young -

▶ Jonathan Young's Channel -

▶ Scary Suspense Horror Music -


■ Original Great Days JoJo opening -

■ JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Openings -

■ JoJo Great Days Bites The Dust Version -

So, one day I was laying on my couch and thinking some stuff. And suddenly a weird thought came up with me. What if there was JoJo opening, but only with one character?
Any normal guy will just forget about it. But I don't really understand, what does "normal" means, so here we go.
I decided to make my own animation with blackjack and Hirohiko Araki, based on original "Great Days" opening.
As you can see, this "one character" in our case is Yoshikage Kira. You'll probably ask me "WHY?". The answer is simple af - Why Not? Also it's a very stupid answer, but I can't help it.
I guess, I choose Kira, because he's a great villain and one of my favorite characters in JoJo. Plus, in my opinion "Great Days" is the best 2D opening
in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure so far.
The second part of the animation wasn't really planned by me when I started. It just popped into my head at the end. I don't think it was necessary, but I can use it as another reason for creating this animation. Like, all of this was just a part of a meme.
Anyway, I think it's pretty good. I know the animation sucks, but cmon gimme a break! I'm not an animator or artist. I barely know how to draw, so it was really difficult for me. But the rest of it seems pretty nice.
Anyway Jonathan Young's cover makes it feel much better, so Enjoy It!
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