Kurama's Sacficice For Naruto & The Otsutsuki God! Boruto Chapter 55 Review!

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The battles with Isshiki Otsutsuki and Borushiki might have ended but the prices that have to be paid to claim victory continue to pile up. After Sasuke's rinnegan was destroyed, it has now been confirmed that Kurama died in an effort to save Naruto, which leads to one final goodbye between the man who was made into a jinchuuriki at birth and the chakra beast that was sealed away inside of him. However, before Kurama passes away, he gives Naruto an important and ominous warning that Naruto must heed going forward. Meanwhile, one of the final Kara members, the mysterious Code, is revealed to have a destiny that is intertwined with Boruto and Kawaki, setting a drastically weakened Konoha in Code's crosshairs as he begins his revenge attack and the birth of a new Otsutsuki God is underway! The battle with Isshiki might be over, but the war against the Otsutsuki clan for Boruto's soul continues to rage on! Grab those ramen bowls and smoke that Kurama pack with a few friends for this one! It's Boruto Chapter 55 and this might go down as a turning point in the Boruto Naruto Next Generations story!
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