Learn How to Drive - Bad Drivers & Driving Fails #10 + Insane Car Crashes

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An insane car crash compilation video featuring driving fails of 2020 along with bad drivers caught on dash cam videos. Lots of dash cam fails including crashes / accidents mostly from USA, CANADA, UK, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA and more.

This video is made for educational purposes, so you drivers can learn from other's driving mistakes, sometimes from cammers too, and avoid such accidents, car crashes, or whatsoever. Please consider this video as a learning thing, drive safely and I highly recommend to obey the traffic laws on road, this video also shows you how not to drive and reminds you to take care while driving / on road.

WHAT HAPPENED TODAY provides authentic footage of incidents recorded on dash cameras. I highly believe this footage can be used as an educational and informational guide for viewers to analyze and evaluate situations and to prevent any future mishaps & incidents.

I present on-screen commentary of some incidents to help viewers understand each situation and comment educational feedback to enhance the knowledge of drivers. All rights belong to their respective owners.
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