Library of Ruina adventures

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We're went trough hell. We died countless times. We fought monsters and gods. Now what?
Now we need to read i mean books.

Song list:
Kevin MacLeod - The Cannery
Mario Elevator music
Green Greens - Kirby Super Star
Pause Screen - Banjo-Kazooie
Mini-Boss - Yoshi's Island
Exciting and Exciting - Mario Party OST
Excision - Bass Cannon
Heart Of A Coward - Shade
Dark Fantasy Studio - Transfiguration
Library Of Ruina Bgm Theme
Windmill Isle (Day) - Sonic Unleashed
Tema Oficial do Fox Sports America Latina
A Hat in Time OST - The Annual Bird Movie Award
Dark fantasy studio - You are a giant
Devil May Cry 5 OST - Devil Trigger
Mad Father OST - Love and Hate
Chaos Legion OST - Battle Cry

and some Library of Ruina soundtracks

00:00 Welcome to the Library
01:10 Angela returns
04:05 Your work begins
06:31 What do i do with this?
07:35 Yun's office
10:44 Yun's office part 2
13:50 Abnormality battle
15:43 C**t's office part 3
17:10 Flesh is weak!
18:33 Scorched grill
19:05 Malkuth is love, Malkuth is life
21:03 Dakota returns
29:57 ...and she wants blood
32:07 Your work
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