Load Times in DBZ: BT3 Emulator

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I know this is an issue that many speedrun games and moderators find a huge headache (probably the reason there was no emulator category in the first place) but this time I did the work for the mods so they don't have to waste as much time.

So after watching the video what are you guys thoughts? Should 'Enable Fast CDVD' be allowed for everyone?

Something I forgot to mention in the video is that I believe is that if this rule is changed, then Volpescu's tournament runs should be taken off of the leaderboard because it is impossible to get that good of a time without the 'Enable Fast CDVD' (at least in World Tournament, and he has a large advantage in the other tournaments as well). Reminder that this is nothing against Volpescu, but rather to make the game more fair for everyone.

Also one more thing to add is I think that if you want a really good time you should shift towards the Wii emulator due to the faster loading speeds in general (and more consistent because Dolphin is probably the best emulator for any console).
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