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00:00 London Bridge Is Falling Down
02:06 Scout's Rescue Song
04:04 Yes Yes! Help Your Friends Song
06:02 Bandit Bus Strikes Again - Save the Baby Lion
08:01 Rain Rain Go Away - Digley Wants to Play
09:53 If You're Happy and You Know It (Dig It Up!)
11:47 Itsy Bitsy Spider
13:45 Learn ABCs at the Construction Site - Alphabet Song
15:34 Sick Song - Have a Little Rest
17:30 Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Animals Have Escaped!
19:30 Robot Digger Trouble
21:33 Trapped in the Tunnel Rollercoaster
23:35 Digley and the Avalanche
25:37 Counting Block Castle - STEM Learning for Kids
27:37 Fire Truck Emergency

Welcome to Digley and Dazey!

Digley and Dazey are best friends and love to get in all sorts of adventures together with all their construction truck pals.

Through their adventures, there are lots of lessons to be learnt and fun to be had.

Keep watching each week for a new educational episode, perfect for kids to have fun and get smart! Learn about counting numbers, reading letters, naming shapes and lots more!

Your kids will love our amazing colorful animations with original videos, songs, nursery rhymes, lullabies and more!


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