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Lucifer returns, albeit with a few devilish twists! Will Chloe get intimate with Lucifer's twin?!

It’s been a long wait, but Lucifer Netflix has finally released Lucifer Netflix Official Trailer! And man, Lucifer Trailer Season 5 might only be two minutes (and a few seconds) long, but it's packed to the brim with clues…

And probably a few shots thrown in just to mislead viewers a bit?

We had so much fun preparing this Lucifer Trailer Breakdown for you! Lucifans already had lots of Lucifer Season 5 Predictions, and now the stakes have been raised even higher!

One major theory has been confirmed:Lucifer Meets Michael (Lucifer Twin)! We’re looking forward to Tom Ellis in the dual roles of Tom Ellis Lucifer and Tom Ellis Michael. The trailer already gave us a hot peek at the acting we can anticipate!

But what’s the burning question on everyone’s lips?
How long will it take Chloe to sniff out the truth about Lucifer’s doppelgänger?!

Pretty much no-one wants Michael Lucifer to be the one getting intimate with Chloe. Seriously, Lucifer and Chloe need to get together!

In other Lucifer Season 5 News, it looks like we’ll see Amenadiel Fights Michael. And if the trailer is anything to go by, then Michael is super strong. If Amenadiel gets knocked out by Michael, then how on earth will the Michael Lucifer Fight going to go? Especially if Chloe is around and Lucifer is vulnerable? Oh dear, we hope it’s not Lucifer who got injured at the end…

After that mouthful, the Lucifer Crossover of Infinite Earths theory probably pales in comparison! But yes, there are a few hints that suggest we’ll see more crossovers with the arrowverse. Cool stuff, right?

Now the next wait until 21 August starts, when we'll finally be able to feast our eyes on Lucifer Season 5. Until then, stay OSSA’m!

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