Macros ketosis weight loss

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Appreciate you watching + welcome to your Keto Journey!

The ketogenic diet has been around for years and rising in popularity, and for good reason — it is simple and has created significant results. Whether you want to lose fat, increase energy, enhance brain health, improve your blood sugar levels, or improve your overall health, keto may be the way of eating you are looking for.

My name is Amy Smith-Hightower and I am a certified Keto Meal Planner and Mentor from Batesville, Arkansas.

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Who is Amy Smith-Hightower?

Well …

Keto has changed the very way I live and the way I look at my life.

I started my journey in March 2017 and I’m proud to say I’ve lost over 100 pounds since then.
Since taking control of my life with Keto, I’ve noticed small changes here and there. Like how I don’t feel the famous 5’o’clock crash and the 7 despair. I sleep better. I feel better. I’m living BETTER.
Another small perk? The pleasant look of surprise people give me when they realize it’s me.
Their follow up question, “What are you doing right!?”, brings a smile to my face every time.
“Keto” is all I have to say for them to know why I’m so different.
Keto isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle that I fully embrace. It’s honestly changed my life and it’s the reason why I was able to finally say goodbye to all the pills and weekly doctor appointments.
But what’s really rewarding is that I’m able to help over 200,000 people feel just as incredible as I do. I share what I know and provide people with meal plans and free coaching because I want to make a difference.
The Ketogenic diet has allowed me to take control of my life and give back to those who want to take this journey with me.

I hope you will join me inside my Free Keto Community by visiting

Discount Links for Keto products I use by visiting

The most important, and sometimes most challenging part about the Keto lifestyle, is keeping yourself motivated and on the right path.

Through shared results and supportive words, we’re able to push forward and continue to better ourselves.

If you want to improve your health and join a fun and supportive community, then you absolutely need to join the #UCANKeto family. We’ll be waiting!
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