Magnifico Video – Escape Before Lockdown | Part 1

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2020 was shaping up to be a big year for my motorbike adventures. I was to start my new tour business in February, we had 7 tours planned for the year, life and business were exciting. With Paul Koczak and a number of friends we had also planned a 15 day trip from Alice Springs to Broom and back through the Kimberley National Park. The for me, was a bucket list trip.

But all these plans came to nothing, COVID 19 hit and threw everyone's world into uncharted territory. We rescheduled the Kimberley trip to be through SA and Victoria, but then all the borders closed, so we replanned the trip to be a 10 day Victorian adventure. Then only 5 days before we were to leave on this 10 day trip we got news that Victoria was going into lockdown for 6 weeks on the day we planned to leave.

A quick day trip was organised and three of us could make it, Paul Koczak, Andrew McNay and myself dropped everything for a chance to enjoy freedom. This video is a result of this trip, enjoy!

#milemunchin, #motorcycleadventure, #escapecovid

Filmed with:
iPhone X
GoPro 7+ Hero
DJI Mavic Air Drone

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