Marvels Of The Mainline - U.K Steam Train Compilation (2018)

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Another year on the British mainline year rolls by and in this extended compilation we take a look back at our favorite moments from 2018. This year's compilation sees 16 locomotives feature over 63 scenes with added captions, so you know the name of the locomotive, location and excursion. Captured in the video is a wide variety of action, whether it's scenes captured close up, or streaking through stations or videos captured from high up looking down on some of England's finest landscapes. Either way, there's plenty of variety to hopefully keep you entertained.

As always a big thanks to all the operators and volunteers for their relentless effort which without wouldn't make this video possible !
Also once again a big thanks to all my subscribers and viewers for your comments and support throughout the year. Hopefully 2019 brings more of the same !

Have a happy new year !

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Locomotives featured

60009 'Union Of South Africa'
60163 'Tornado'
35018 'British India Line'
35028 'Clan Line'
70013 'Oliver Cromwell'
60103 'Flying Scotsman'
45699 'Galatea'
45690 'Leander'
34052 'Lord Dowding'
46100 'Royal Scot'
8F '48151'
6233 'Duchess Of Sutherland'
70000 'Britannia'
45212 'Black Five
45407 'Black Five'
44871 'Black Five'
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