Mech Arena: Robot Showdown⚡Total Domination | Javelin 6 Rank Upgrades

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Shadow + 2x Javelin 6 Combined Fearless Combo went more powerful by upgrading Javelin to Rank 6 and here we achieved 8 captures Total Domination Achievement at old dubai map over opponents

In this video:
we upgraded javelin 6 Rank 4 Level 7 to Rank 6 Level 3

This Upgrade costs around 600k+ credits and 3750 A-coins

Unfortunately, we ran out of credits but now planning to save up for every single Upgrade of Javelin 6.

What's special in Rank 5 Upgrade?
- Rank 5 Upgrade boost critical ability for up to 30%
which means after launching all 6 rockets of Javelin Rack there is a 30% out of 100% chances to deal full damage by 2 javelin rockets out of 6

In simple words More critical chances more damage can be dealt.

What's special in Rank 6 Upgrade?
-just a little boost on damage :)

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I Will catch you in the next video
stay tuned
stay awesome ;)

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