Mine Wars Forum, Episode 4, Season 1 with Crystal Good

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The Mine Wars Forum is a new online series presented by the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum. For Episode 4, we're sitting down with Crystal Good, an Affralachian artist, poet, performer, entrepreneur, among so much more.

In this episode, Crystal discusses poetry as public memory, what the unique history of the Mine Wars means to her and how she came to discover this untold chapter of American history. In addition, she talks about what we as a society can take away from these important stories and why they remain relevant today. Included as an addendum to this episode is a new performance of her poem "Civil Up and Rising."

From her website (): "This transcendental kinship is the cooperative synergy that makes Crystal Good’s life and work unique. Crystal combines her efforts as an artist, entrepreneur, and advocate to bring out the beautiful, the good and the true elements of who we are as Appalachian’s and as human beings."

We are so proud to have Crystal as part of the series. This Mine Wars Forum is supported in part by the West Virginia Humanities Council.

Please visit the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum in Matewan, WV to learn more about the Mine Wars. You may visit our website at to learn more about our work and how you can help keep this history alive.
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