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MOOMOO Trading App:

MOOMOO is a trading platform that offers commission-free trading on stocks, options, and ETFs for US residents.
MOOMOO offers a highly customizable experience with tons of useful data points. I found their charting customization to be extremely useful. And I just recently used MOOMOO to buy shares of Alibaba, and I found the trading experience to be powerful and easy to use. I used MOOMOO’s free level 2 quotes to place a limit order and it was quick and easy. I also like how MOOMOO provides free access to financial statements with charts that make analyzing a company simpler.

MOOMOO sponsored this video and it was that sponsorship offer that brought MOOMOO to my attention, but I only agreed to accept MOOMOO as a sponsor because I truly believe in their product and everything I stated in this description and in the video is my opinion. Thanks for all the support and the support of this video’s sponsor. I truly appreciate it!

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