Naruto: 5 Characters Who Should Have Died (And 5 Who Should Have Lived)

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Naruto Characters Who Deserved To Die And Stay Alive
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Death is an inevitability in life, but in anime, it can be seen as optional. Shonen anime is rife with characters doing death-defying stunts all the time and taking massive damage only to come out of it with a few scrapes and bruises. Naruto falls within this vein, but it still manages to do some interesting things. Despite the ninja’s in Naruto doing magical Jutsu and the like, a knife to the heart will still kill most ninja. We hardly see the anime trope of a powerful character deflecting a knife with just a finger or having them be cut in half only to be fine in the next scene. Because of this, Naruto’s body count is a little higher than most Shonen, and unlike Dragon Ball, they don’t have a magical wish-granting dragon to bring back the dead.

Naruto’s body count is higher than most Shonen anime, and sure most of the deaths are justified, but not all of them. In Naruto, the good guys die too and sometimes people we thought were bad guys turn out to be good guys and die too. Deaths in Naruto can either be extremely satisfying or downright depressing. A character’s death can mean the end to a long arc of suffering, like when Orochimaru finally died. They can also be crushing, like when Jiraya died to Pain. Today we will be taking a look at these kinds of deaths in Naruto; those who deserved to die and those who deserved to live.


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