Naruto BEGS Kakashi to STOP Sasuke's Fight against Gaara, Sasuke is as FAST as Lee without Weights

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The figth between Sasuke and Gaara starts. Sasuke is dominating the fight easily and keeps playing around with Gaara. Sasuke seemed to have trained with Kakashi and learned lee's moveset and is as fast as Lee now within a Month of training. Kiba goes to the Anbu Man and wants to thank him for saving Hinata but Akamaru detects that he know this person from somewhere which is impossible with an Anbu. The man takes out Kiba so he won't find out.

Shikamaru and Naruto are sitting on the stairs and Naruto realizes that he has to tell Kakashi to STOP the Fight cuz Gaara will KILL Sasuke. In order to stop Sasuke from attacking him Gaara ingulfs himself in a Ball Like Sphere with Sand and is about to use some kind of Jutsu.

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