Naruto ULTIMATE SACRIFICE & FINAL Kurama Form! Naruto's DEATH? Boruto Vs Isshiki - Boruto Chapter 51

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In the video, we break down everything that went down in Boruto Manga Chapter 51! Naruto vs Isshiki Otsutsuki is about to go down as Naruto's FINAL SACRIFICE and New STRONGEST KURAMA Transformation will take him on. This may force Sasuke to sacrifice him using the Rinne Rebirth! so Will Naruto or Sasuke die in Boruto is a VALID QUESTION AT THE MOMENT.
We also learn new information about the Otsutsuki, where the two-member team sent down to cultivate the fruits are ranked with one of the pair being a sacrificial member, Isshiki being the higher rank, making Kaguya the sacrifice. We also learn about Isshiki and Kara's true plan, with Momoshiki vessel Boruto being the sacrifice. Kawaki seems depressed feeling useless edging us the audience to feel he might choose to give himself up for the Karma.

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