NARUTO VS SASUKE THE FINAL BATTLE! || Naruto Shippuden REACTION: Episode 476, 477

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NARUTO VS SASUKE THE FINAL BATTLE! || Naruto Shippuden REACTION: Episode 476 477. This Naruto Shippuden reaction Naruto and Sasuke have their final battle at final valley. Naruto and Sasuke start out with some basic jutsu and taijutsu, but quickly move to more serious jutsus. Naruto goes Sage of Six Paths mode, and Sasuke brings out the rinnegan. Sasuke powered up his Susano'o with all of the tailed beast's chakra, going BEYOND a perfect susano'o. Sasuke also fired his most powerful arrow, Indra's arrow, against Naruto's Kurama infused yellow rasenshurikien! They then reside to hand to hand after all of their chakra is depleted, and end off with the familiar rasengan vs chidori. This fight was super emotional, and honestly in my top 3 fights of all time. This was insane.

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