*NEW* EVIL NUN 2 OFFICIAL TRAILER!!! (Breakdown) | Evil Nun 2

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*NEW* EVIL NUN 2 OFFICIAL TRAILER!!! (Breakdown) | Evil Nun 2

What’s up MA DUDES!!!! How is it going today? Today we are going to be watching Evil Nun 2 with the NEW OFFICIAL TRAILER!!! We are going to breakdown what happens in the trailer, where Evil Nun 2 will take place, and where Ice Scream Rod plays into the story! We are going to see Sister Madeline develop into a more complex character and how the entire story of Evil Nun 2 and the Ice Scream story came to be! I can’t wait to mess around in this game and roleplay as the characters to make our own funny moments! Join me as we breakdown this new trailer and see EVIL NUN 2!!! Enjoy.
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More than 40 million players have already challenged the Nun in Evil Nun 1, and this second chapter is coming up soon with great adventures and puzzles to solve.

In this new chapter you will discover the origins of the Nun, which will help you understand many mysteries that you saw both in Evil Nun 1 and in the Ice Scream saga, which will also play a role in this game.

What was the school like when it all started?
Will the nun hit me again with her heavy hammer?
What are those mutant chickens?

Many surprises await this new Keplerians game, stay tuned!

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