Osana Najimi Vs Ayano Aishi • Rap Battle Of Academy • GCMV

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Audio by: Micheala Laws •
Video Made by: Pokie Pizza
I'm finally done it, I've made a random Yandere simulator music video because I have nothing to post lmao

Thumbnail I made is kinda inspired by Savella- @Kaliopa Millins

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Time Taken: 3 Days qwq
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Cute Cut Pro

~~~Most Asked Questions~~~

Q: Are you Bisexual or Gay?
A: I'm Bisexual but I like Girls more cause they're cute and funny (My opinion)

Q:Who do you like more,Kuichi or Danoco?
A:Well I like them both equally since I almost treat every other oc's Equally, But if i'm gonna choose whether the two of them, then Kuichi will be the option :3

Q: What did you use for editing?
A: I mosly use PowerDirector for making a GLMV,GLMM, And Skits. But I sometimes use CuteCutPro for Editing memes, Short Music Videos, I rarely use Filmora and Kinemaster since They're a bit too complicated for me to

Q: Where do you Live?
A:At My House of Course xD
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