Paige REVEALS Her Sudden BREAKUP With Roman Reigns! (Hardys Get ERASED By WWE)

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Paige reveals her suddenly breakup with Roman Reigns, Hardys get erased by WWE

Paige was recently a guest on Oral Sessions. Paige has a lot of WWE stories to share, one of those WWE stories Paige shared was during her time with Dusty Rhodes in promo class. Paige, Roman Reigns, and a few others WWE Superstar all came up to together in WWE. They were all in the same classes and lessons. One of these lessons for Paige was a promo class in which. Dusty Rhodes wanted Paige to pretend to read a love letter to Roman Reigns and the breakup with Roman Reigns just moments later. A promo exercise to test Paige’s promo skills and range. Paige said it was embarrassing to breakup with Roman Reigns there, but that’s what they had to do for promo class in WWE

The Hardys get erased and ignored by WWE? The hardy boys returned to WWE at Wrestlemania 33 to one of the most loudest pops / crowd reactions in WWE history. That was a big moment for WWE and Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. WWE released a WWE top 10 on the loudest Wrestlemania reactions, but the Hardys return didn’t even make the top 10. Matt Hardy took to twitter to respond to WWE and said that the only reason their return isn’t on the list is because Matt Hardy is in AEW. Could that really be the reason why Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy’s WWE return isn’t on the list, it most likely is because there’s no reason why the Hardys return shouldn’t have at least make the top 10 for these Wrestlemania moments. What are your thoughts on this situation with Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, WWE

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