PC PUBG vs PUBG Mobile w/ Emulator (Pros & Cons!)

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In today’s video we are going to be looking at playing PUBG Mobile with a Mouse and Keyboard using an Emulator and comparing that to PUBGs regular PC experience.

Now let’s get into the meat and potatoes of what this video is REALLY about, and that’s comparing using an emulator to play PUBG Mobile against Bluehole’s PC version and helping you decide which version is better suited for you.

Mobile PUBG with the emulator is far less intensive on your computer and although it is locked at 60FPS, you’ll be hitting that pretty easily. However, The game does have some stutter issues and bugs, and it can be annoying. Mobile PUBG at its max settings (which Tencent recommends you have atleast a GTX 1060 for) doesn’t look quite as good as the PC versions lowest settings, but it’s not too far off and looks great for a Mobile game. View distance in the mobile version is similar to PUBG on low view distance settings, and seeing people at long ranges is fairly easy without grass or bushes rendering in the distance.

At the end of the day, the mobile version using an emulator will be MUCH easier to play on if you use a lower end PC or Laptop. If you have a capable computer you can run the PC version, but your mileage may vary depending on how good of a rig you have.

At the moment The mobile version offers a third person perspective, whilst the PC version has both third person and first person perspectives. Mobile will be getting a First person perspective around mid-june, but for now it’s purely third person.
Mobile also includes auto-looting to make it easier for the original touch screen controls, and results in looting necessary items like energy drinks and painkillers much faster. The PC version doesn’t offer an auto loot system and you are forced to either hit the f key to individually pick up items, or tab over a pile of items and drag them into your inventory. Mobile can also be made to have this too, as you can disable your auto-loot function if you so choose.

I ended up keeping the auto loot function as its good for going over small piles of items and moving quickly. If I decided I needed to be more thorough I would by-pass auto loot by tabbing over larger items to sort through what I wanted.

The emulators controls are essentially the same as PC’s and makes the transition between both pretty simple if you play both versions.

Gunplay is where there is more of a stark difference, with the mobile version leaving out weapon sway and recoil and adding in some light auto-aim. It is substantially easier to snipe people from a distance playing mobile with a mouse, and the absence of bullet drop and recoil make picking up attachments less important overall, Other than scopes which are important for distance.

PC PUBG weapons have heavy recoil, sway when aiming down the sights and have differing bullet drops for every weapon. This means that there takes a lot more time overall to master the weapons in the PC version, and makes the mobile version feel more arcade-y and water-downed.

Movement, proning, crouching and peeking is similar in both versions, but getting caught proning in the mobile version is going to happen a lot more often as seeing people crouching or laying down is much more apparent. Because of Mobiles simplified graphics and textures, people are much easier to see and thus proning is far less effective overall.
Directional audio in mobile have little to no bugs or glitches and although they are both good when they work, PC’s directional audio experiences bugs and oddities far more frequently. In the mobile version, On screen cues will also show you where you are getting shot from, which again make the experience more accessible.
The PC version feels like the hardcore bigger brother to the mobile version, but that isn’t to say using an emulator is bad. I enjoy the PC version when I feel like having a competitive, hardcore experience. I enjoy playing the emulator version when I want a quick, arcade-y romp and stomp and I don’t want to put my try-hard pants on. They both have their distinct place.
Mobile does in-game bonuses, incentives, ranking and customization far better than the PC version. With frequent updates coming much faster to PUBG mobile, playing using the gaming buddy emulator gives you a ranking system, daily rewards, country emblems for pride, and a reason to play the game and take it more seriously. PC lags severely behind in this department, as their updates come out far less frequently. There’s just less features overall than PUBG mobile despite having been released long before thr mobile port.

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