PRIZE packs & LOCKER CODE PACKS Pack Opening! 16 new G.O.A.T cards coming to MyTeam! (NBA 2K20)

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Thank you guys for watching this NBA 2K20 MyTeam Locker code and Triple Threat Prize packs Pack Opening vidoe where I have collected a few packs and also some screen recordings of the Galaxy Opal pulls and Pink Diamond pulls I got to make one huge 2K20 Pack Opening video! We start off with the screen recordings where I opened some of the Dynamic Duo Super Packs and I got 2 Galaxy Opal pulls! 1 was Galaxy Opal Larry Bird and the other was Galaxy Opal Patrick Ewing which I sold them both for MT on the 2k20 Auction House! I also opened a couple of the NBA is Back promo packs where I got another 2 Opal pulls! We pulled 99 overall Galaxy Opal James Harden and Galaxy Opal Kawhi Leonard who is pretty expensive! We dive into the 2K20 Locker code packs and juiced TTO packs where I had free Diamond packs , Takeover promo packs with Galaxy Opal Giannis , Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan and more! I didn't get too lucky there but I am very happy with 4 Galaxy Opal pulls! I hope you all enjoy this NBA 2K20 MyTeam Locker code and Triple Threat Prize packs Pack Opening video!

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