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The productivity suite software now contains a plc simulator. The software is a free download and is available from automation direct.
The entire family of controllers can use the simulator. P1000, P2000, and P3000 emulation can happen on the following parts of the productivity series
- P1000 CPU’s and local I/O stack, P2000 and P3000 CPU’s and local bases
- All basic I/O modules, both analog and digital
- Modbus TCP Server/Client connections on external Ethernet port
More information can be obtained on our website. This includes all of the links mentioned in this video.

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00:00 Introduction
01:52 Start-Stop Circuit Simulate
07:30 PID Program Using Simulator
13:28 Connecting to physical hardware
15:08 Conclusion

The simulation mode is available on the Productivity Suite version or higher. We will be discussing the PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) PLC Simulator. Testing this simulator will be done using our first program (Start-Stop Circuit) and the PID instruction in our Productivity 1000 series. We will also be connecting to physical hardware after using our simulator to test the program.
Let's get started.

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Productivity 1000 Series PLC Modbus ASCII Protocol

There are several reasons why we are using the Productivity 1000 Series Controller. Here are just a few.
- 50MB user memory - Can handle very complex applications easily.
- 4 built-in communication ports – Easy connectivity to your network.
- Data logging up to 32 GB on a microSD card
- Add up to 8 IP modules to communicate to your field sensors. This will give you a total of 128 discrete IO points or 32 analog IO
- Free Software and 30 days of free training with every CPU from Automation Direct.
- Interactive PLC Configuration Tool
- Tag Names
- Auto-discovery IO – Physical I/O tags will be generated based on each module’s position in the base.
- I/O Modules have QR codes under the wiring cover. This can be scanned so you can have the latest specifications/wiring diagrams for
the module.
- Limitless PID – Autotuning – Individual or Cascade Mode - etc
- Web Server and Mobile Access
- Advanced Software instruction set

The Productivity 1000 series of programmable logic controllers currently has all of these features built into the P1-540 CPU.
This CPU (Central Processing Unit) is also known as MPU (Multi-Processing Units) because of the communication capabilities.

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