Queensland under pressure to agree to agricultural code

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New South Wales Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall has fiercely criticised Queensland’s refusal to sign up to the national agricultural workers code designed by the National Cabinet.

Under the code, farmers will be allowed greater movement across borders in a bid to support the agricultural sector as some states retain their hard borders.

“It is still bitterly disappointing from my perspective that Queensland has refused to be a signatory to this code,” Mr Marshall said.

“I don’t know what they’re doing up there and why they don’t value agriculture but it’s going to certainly have an impact in northern NSW.

“I continue to appeal to the Queensland premier and my ministerial colleague in Queensland to think again about signing up to this code because it’s a crying shame they won’t support the agriculture sector as all the other states have as well.”

The minister said the agricultural sector contributed about $16 billion a year to the NSW economy, and faced losing about $ billion in the next 12 months if farmers were unable to transport their harvests.
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