RESTART? - Ep.1 “Nine Lives” A Voice Acted Gacha Life Series

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RESTART? - “Nine Lives” A Voice Acted GLS

Hey everyone! I finally managed to get my lazy butt to finish this, so it’s a bit late, but it’s here! Thank you all that support me and helped me with this project.

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A famous young woman was murdered and was given the chance to reincarnate, being the arrogant self she is, she took that offer. Many changes of her life were made unexpected, maybe she can make some friends on her journey?


Thumbnail: FallingBlossom375

Intro Music:

Background Music By Lakey Inspired

Voice actors of the characters in this video:

Athena: Kaori Mint

Piper: samgrace

??? (Brown hair, Star clip, blue eyes girl)

Aria: Berri

Crystal: sugarcubesgacha (briannaa)

Insta: @sugarcubesgacha

Narrator: peachy

Sub Count: 405

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